Unfettered & Unrestrained

Unfettered & Unrestrained

Unfettered: Free; Unrestrained

I close my eyes and inhale deeply.  Her fine baby hair tickles my nose as I breathe in her sweet baby smell.  Chubby fingers clutch my arms and rolly polly legs wrap around me.

She’s grasping tightly, but not too tightly.  She knows I would never drop her.

I am her caregiver. I am her protector. I am her nurturer. I am her momma.

I hum the familiar tune that we hum every night, soaking up her warmth.

Inhale, exhale;

Exhaling all the difficult moments of the day; every boundary test and every protested diaper change.

Inhaling the darkness and coolness of her bedroom;

Listening to the whir of the fan, the white noise from the noise machine.

This is what it means to be a mother.

Embracing the good, the bad, the ugly.

Embracing the beautiful.

My Daughter.

I am your cheerleader. Your secret keeper. Your bedtime singer. I am your momma.

My love for you is unfettered.